It all started when...

an older Iranian man met a younger Iranian woman, they fell deep into like and had a small baby, that baby was Farbod. Since the beginning Farbod lived life on the edge, he drank milk even though he was allergic, he pooped his pants far beyond the age that it was appropriate, and he would ask for multiple samples of ice cream even though the sign clearly read "limit 2 samples per customer." Farbod is so bad to the bone that he even refuses to have a name recognized by any spellcheck application. Autocorrect on any LG smartphone tries to change Farbod to forebode, how bad ass is that?

Farbod brings this same tenacity to his life on stage. A graduate of the Second City conservatory program, Farbod can be seen as a writer/performer in the monthly sketch revue Alfred and as a part of the Second City long form improv house team, Eightball. In addition, you can catch Farbod doing stand-up at open mics across Los Angeles to tepid applause. It is important to note that while Farbod wrote this description, Farbod still chose to refer to himself in the third person because that's how Farbod rolls.

Farbod aggressively tows the line between being too cynical to participate in social media and desperately craving the attention that social media provides. He regularly achieves as many likes on his facebook profile as a mediocrely popular high school teenager. Although his only posts on twitter have been made to receive discounts on house cleaning, tens of bots follow him to see what cheeky antics he'll come up with next.





bodybuilding edit 2.jpg



Height: 5'7"

Weight: 146 lbs

Eyes: Dreamy

Disposition: Cheery with a hint of cool urban funk

Hobbies: Lifting cars, pulling tractors with my teeth,helping children get through difficult life events, feeding kittens ice cream



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